No Children under the age of 16 of the market site

We regret that it is not possible to allow anyone under 16 on site. Outside of the market halls forklifts operate carrying heavy loads to take to customers vehicles and transporting goods around the site.

There are many customer vehicles arriving, parking and leaving the site. There are a limited amount of deliveries allowed on site during trading hours, so there is significant traffic on site during trading hours.

Inside the market halls there are crossing lanes for forklift trucks and pump trucks are used by staff to move heavy loads. Forklifts also operate within tenant premises.

Birmingham Wholesale Market enjoys successful opening period

The Birmingham Wholesale Market opened just before Ramadan and the beginning of the amazing British summer of 2018. So far we have had one day of rain at the market and been very busy and a successful opening by all traders and the market team.Fresh Produce at the Birmingham Wholesale Market

Our delivery lorries very quickly adjusted to the new route and customers found us after the move (with only a few people being talked through how to get to us!). Trade has been up and the traders have settled in well. The last few vacant units have people interested, so we may be full by the end of 2018.

Now it is quieter, the school holidays have an effect on us too! So if you have not been down yet, now is the time when it is a little quieter and we’ve got into the rhythm of the market in it’s new home.