Hours of operation

Easter Market Opening Hours

  • Thursday 18th April: 3.30am to 11.30am
  • Friday 19th April: 3.30am to 11.30am
  • Saturday 20th April: 3.30am to 9.30am
  • Sunday 21st April: CLOSED
  • Monday 22nd April: CLOSED
  • Tuesday 23rd April: CLOSED
  • Wednesday 24th April: 3.30am to 11.30am

Market Opening Hours

  • Monday – Friday: 3.30am to 11:30am
  • Saturday: 3.30am to 9:30am

Delivery and Opening Hours

12.30pm to 3am daily Refrigerated deliveries of any meat, fish or poultry at any time.

* Please note: The fish, meat and poultry section of the market trading period is early in the morning and they are often closed by 10am. So if you are shopping for fish, meat and poultry please come early.