Parking and Safety

  • The market road is a one-way system, and the speed limit is 10mph. Please obey the speed limit for the safety of all.
  • If you are parking directly outside to a particular tenant in one of their parking bays, please reverse into one of their parking bays. All tenant bays are reverse parking only.
  • Please do not park in a different tenant’s bays unless you are buying goods from that tenant.
  • Remember this can be a very busy estate, with vehicles arriving and departing, forklifts in operation and other pedestrians moving around the estate – please drive with caution and take care on foot.
  • Deliveries are only to be made directly for tenants, dropping off goods for other clients is not allowed.
  • Fly tipping is not allowed and anyone caught fly tipping will be prosecuted.
  • If the fire alarm sounds and the building is being evacuated, please follow the emergency evacuation signs to the fire assembly point which is in the staff car park beside the main entrance. Please do not attempt to leave in your vehicle.