About the Market

The wholesale market has two market halls, the fish, meat and poultry section with 16 units and the fruit, vegetables, dairy and flowers with 62 units. There are additionally 9 warehouses all in new facilities, with each business unit fitted out to the specifications of the tenant.

The whole scheme has been designed for the wholesale market and it is the largest integrated market in the UK providing fruit and vegetable, fish, poultry, meat and flower trading operations on one site and is something Birmingham should be proud of.


Birmingham City Council in partnership with the tenants of Birmingham Wholesale Market relocated in May 2018 to new purpose built premises at the Hub in Witton, Birmingham.

This will enable Birmingham City Council to redevelop the existing site as described in the Birmingham City Council document “The Big City Plan Birmingham Smithfield”. Birmingham City Council believe that delivering Birmingham Smithfield will unlock a wide area for transformation delivering residential communities and employment opportunities.

Birmingham City Councilhave purchased the freehold of the wholesale market space at the Hub in Witton and have built a Fresh Produce Wholesale Market “fit for the 21st Century”.

Birmingham City Council have funded this development, made a significant contribution to the tenants’ relocation costs and worked with the tenants’ representatives, the BWFPA, to create a working environment at the Hub that will enable the traders to continue and grow their vital role as the essential catalyst in the region’s fresh produce supply chain

The Wholesale Market is a vital catalyst for the economic well-being of Birmingham. Its importance is underlined by around 15,000 jobs in Birmingham and beyond being dependent on it continuing to flourish

The Birmingham City Council investment in creating the new market is driven by providing low cost top quality food and produce for Birmingham, the West Midlands, and further afield; supporting businesses, retailers, retail markets (including the city centre markets), restaurants and the growing food service sector that are attracting increasing numbers of visitors to the City Centre.