BWMC & Tenant Charter

Tenant responsibilities

  • To comply with the market regulations, including waste disposal, at all times.
  • Keep noise from the Tenant Unit and vehicles at an acceptable level.
  • Be courteous to all staff on the Estate in all communications and help people to help you.
  • Not to do anything that could be regarded as a nuisance to adjoining tenants, the Estate or the Hub.
  • Ensure all staff obey the speed limits and traffic rules of the Estate, and the forklift regulations.
  • Ensure all staff and visitors wear high visibility vests at all times for their safety.
  • Support Birmingham Wholesale Market Company (BWMC) with no smoking or vaping inside any estate building.
  • Ensure staff are familiar with all tenant and BWMC emergency procedures.
  • Pay rent, service charges and other charges on time.
  • Fully comply with all the conditions of the lease.
  • Not do anything to bring the Wholesale Market into disrepute.

Birmingham Wholesale Market Company responsibilities

  • The Birmingham Wholesale Market company (BWMC) team and associated staff will operate a professional and high quality wholesale market.
  • BWMC will work with BCC and give plenty of notice of any event, occurrence, financial or operational changes that may impact on tenant businesses.
  • BWMC will work with BWFPA and tenants over all operational and future initiatives relating to the market as a whole and individual businesses and communicate any decisions directly.
  • BWMC will operate to the highest professional standards and seek feedback regularly on all operations of the market and the Estate.
  • BWMC will provide a good value for money service.
  • BWMC will deliver all the services in an open, friendly and reliable manner and:
  • Treat everyone with courtesy and respect
  • Deal with all requests, enquiries and concerns promptly
  • Provide everyone with accurate and relevant information and advice

Treat any information given in confidence and respect privacy at all times.