School Children Tour Market

Children from Hillstone School in Birmingham visiting the Birmingham Wholesale Market

The market welcomed nine pupils accompanied by four members of the teaching staff from Hillstone Primary School. They had a small presentation by Rob Nixon on the site history, the fact that Birmingham had its market dating back to 1166 and some facts about food.

The children then were taken on a tour of the market. The traders had been prewarned of a tour so a number were very pro-active and also there was no bad language heard throughout the morning!  The pupils were given fruit and had explanations about where certain products had come from and were able to discover fruit and vegetables they did not otherwise recognise.

Children from Hillstone School enjoying a fish demonstration by Caterfish in the Wholesale Market


They tasted fruit such as blood oranges and were each given fruit and a bunch of daffodils to take away. Caterfish demonstrated how fish are filleted and they were able to stand in the cold room at -25 degrees. They saw vegetables such as Yuccas, Dasheen and Taro alongside the varieties of tomatoes and fish with names such as yellow eye, doctor fish and parrot fish as well as getting to hold live lobsters.

They enjoyed their tour and were very interested by the environment and hopefully took away a further understanding about food.

Below is a video of the trip: